Driving Equality receives hate mail

The following is a striking poem that the blog of Driving Equality received. (Driving Equality is a summer-long effort to collect the stories of LGBT Americans from around the entire country.) It’s quite disturbing, actually. 

“proud and gay they march along
growing in numbers, weak but strong
following the footsteps of another race
creating their own, demanding their place

“prophecy foretold of these times
of men depraved, with reprobate minds
still on they go against the wind
blindly led, sick within

“they wear their suffering on their sleeve
and call it gay, but who believes
they want so much to be a part
closet fugitives, with jealous hearts

“they impose perversion, that we contend
making it law, protecting sin
but when we preach against their state
they loudly resist, and call it hate

“of God’s first institution, they mockingly err
they wrongly define, they wrongly pair
unholy unions with conscience aloof
they live by feelings, devoid of truth

“the legacy of sin is always shame
and by their choice, will not be saved
for they used a vice to vent their sorrow
lived only for today, and not for tomorrow”

In order to help counteract the recent slew of hate mail the project has been receiving, it is holding a hate-mail-athon. Supporters can pledge a dime, quarter, dollar or any other amount for each negative letter received. For more information click here.

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5 thoughts on “Driving Equality receives hate mail

  1. Who writes something like this. It seems like an old nursery rhyme from like medieval times to warn children (kind of like ring around the rosey).

  2. wow, it is quite unsettling. I dont understand why they would have sent that to that blog. You know hate is something passionate, its clear that anti-gay ppl are very passionate about the gay issue, bc they so actively hate us… its just strange that they are putting so much effort into hating us, you’d think if they really disliked and disapproved they would just ignore us.

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