Chaz Bono parody filled with trans hate

This is one of the most offensive things about transpeople I have heard.

Jackie Beat. Photo from

Jackie Beat. Photo from

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by Jackie Beat

She was born to the couple known as Sonny & Cher
The mom half was famous for the sequines she’d wear
Her dad was short and had a mustache!
But something didn’t seem right
Hell, even Stevie Wonder knew that Chaz was a dyke

He She Chastity
She claims that she has always been a man
Trapped in a… Big-boned girl’s body
Cuz every night after mom & daddy’s show
She’d play with GI Joe

First it’s a mullet, then a crew-cut
Then you’re in jeans that say Sears on the butt
Next thing you know, you want a sex change!
I hate to be judgmental
But as a normal person, I consider it strange

It’s a travesty
You know that Jesus doesn’t make mistakes
Don’t trade your puss for a pee-pee
But if you do, maybe you should try to get
Alexis Arquette’s

Cher seemed shocked, even though Chaz rocked
That John Goodman style
Where’s that angel in matching Bob Mackie
Cuz we haven’t seen her for awhile
Uh huh, she couldn’t even fake a smile
Oh no!

She was born in the body of the opposite sex
And now she will trade in her boobies for pecs
If you ask me, the mother’s to blame
She wasn’t a role model
She should have been more feminine
like Candis Cane!

If it were up to me
All these fuckin’ freaks would understand
That God made … Two genders, not three
I mean, imagine if one day I came to you
And said I was a man!

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7 thoughts on “Chaz Bono parody filled with trans hate

  1. Oh, but haven’t you heard? Perez Hilton has nothing against trannies. He said so.

    I mean, sure, he (or rather, his crony) says it’s a travesty, but love the sinner and hate the sin, amirite or amirite? Maybe next week they’ll be pimping Zucker’s reparative therapy program for all the wee transkids.

  2. That song is really shitty. Perez has repeatedly made snide remarks that alienate this part of his own community. I appreciate tho that in Perez’s blog he does refer to Chaz as she, I could see Perez doing some dumb shit like referring to Chaz as he/she or just she.
    As far as this Jackie Beat person, I dont know much about her, is she a drag queen bc this was accompanied by the picture of that drag queen.

  3. If someone made fun of a gay or lesbian person in such a vicious and inappropriate way he or she would be flamed. People would call for his or her job, and apologies would be demanded. Yet to call a transperson a “fucking freak” is tolerated. Shame.

  4. I was very saddened to hear what Chastitiy Bono is doing to herself. I can’t imagine what Cher as a mother must be going through. I’m not judging because I haven’t walked in their shoes. May God guide them both and give them peace and serenity.

    • “I was very saddened to hear what Chastitiy Bono is doing to herself. I can’t imagine what Cher as a mother must be going through.”

      Try imagining what Chaz went through all his life. Cher’s sorrow can’t be as great as the confusion Chaz experienced his whole, feeling like a stranger in his own body and feeling very misunderstood and alien. Maybe Chaz didn’t have it bad, but a lot of transsexuals do.

  5. Jackie Beat is the drag persona of Kent Fuher and is known for being shocking and offensive. The lyrics aren’t really transphobic. If you pay close attention to them, you’ll see that they’re really poking fun at transphobia, traditional gender roles and other forms of heteronormativity. The song’s lyrics are dripping with irony, like the last two lines of the last stanza, the first two lines of the fourth stanza and the last four lines of the sixth stanza.

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