Hot butch 100 announced amid dispute

logo-copy has announced its hot 100 butches, with Rachel Maddow toping out at No. 1 (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.). While the Web site has received flack for its definition of butch, consequently removing some of the people selected, the list isn’t bad. I thought I was impressed with AfterEllen’s roundup, but they weren’t who I really wanted to see.  Sure, normative, celebrity women are attractive, but I want butches! And I am sure I’m not the only one.

The top 20:

Picture 1

For the complete list click here.

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3 thoughts on “Hot butch 100 announced amid dispute

  1. Wow. Unlike the new now next awards, no awards or mentions of straight people?
    so this was actually just for gays? lesbians? w/o having to feed the straights? proving daily that there are NO straight allies.

  2. How many butch straight women do you know?

    On a different note, was this in descending order bc there are some ppl I want to argue their placement

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