Charm School features hate crime story

Boger and Zaal from the Museum of Tolerance.

Boger and Zaal from the Museum of Tolerance.

This past episode of VH1’s Charm School features some heartwarming LGBT coverage. The ladies – former contestants on Rock of Love Bus and Real Chance of Love – were treated to a lesson of forgiveness from representatives of the Museum of Tolerance, located in New York City.

Tim Zaal, a consultant for the museum, starts by telling the story of his youth as a Nazi punk who glued razor blades to his boots to add a little spice to his kicks. He happened upon a hamburger stand one night where homeless youths would frequent for the free leftover food. 

Then Matthew Boger, manager of the museum, told the contestants about his mother who kicked him out when he told her he was gay, leaving him homeless. He frequented the same hamburger stand, and was attacked by a group of 14 men, including Zaal. 

It wasn’t until years later when Boger started at the Museum of Tolerance that he ran into Zaal, who was already working as a consultant there. Boger then explained that forgiveness is not letting someone off the hook, but allowing yourself to regain power.

The contestants were teary-eyed and moved by the pair’s story. Britanya even commented that she was mad at Zaal for hurting Boger.

This clip is available here, and starts at about the 3:15 mark.

I will be in New York this summer, and hopefully I will be able to visit the Museum of Tolerance.

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3 thoughts on “Charm School features hate crime story

  1. No one cares about the gays. You shouldn’y be recognized in diversity. Homosexuality is a choice and everyone knows it. Get over yourselves. I don’t care about you.

  2. That show is so dumb. Why would anyone watch stupid whores make asses of themselves and then ride off that to try to “change”? These girls don’t need Ricki Lake, they need some serious inpatient rehab with a double does of therapt.

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