Anti-LGBT sports T incites controversy

T-shirt that immortalizes Chicago White Sox and condemn the Chicago Cubs as gay. Photo from Google Images (

A T-shirt that immortalizes Chicago White Sox and condemns the Chicago Cubs as gay. Photo from Google Images (

Why in the world would anyone think this is an appropriate shirt to produce? I think everyone is at least a bit inadvertently prejudiced or biased, but such outward and blatant displays of intolerance are normally condemned and seen as socially unacceptable.

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6 thoughts on “Anti-LGBT sports T incites controversy

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  2. I, for one, think this is anti-gay.

    Aaryn: this kind of attitude of “lightening up” only perpetuates the stereotype that “gay = wrong”. Continuing the climate that “gay = wrong” is what gives society people who murder queers and trans people.

    Obviously the shirt graphic is implying that being gay is weak, or only losers are gay. This is the same as stupid remarks like “You throw like a girl” or “Stop crying; you’re being a sissy.” To imply that being gay is weak or wrong is not “hilarious”.

  3. So I live right by the Cub’s stadium…. Anyway our place is sandwiched in between Boystown and Wrigleyville (Cubs). Perhaps the maker of the shirt is saying that the only Parade the Cubs get to be a part of is the Pride Parade because they haven’t won anything recently like the Sox…. I mean I know I’m totally wrong. But also, why can’t it be looked at in a different way? Like I would rather be a part of the rainbow side…. The queers have more fun.

  4. this just furthers the our culture that uses the term gay to mean stupid, bad, weak. i was just hanging out with my teenage cousins, and every other word out of their mouths were gay and fag. they used these words as insults as someone would say stupid, silly, dork, etc. Grouping gay and fag with these other insults puts a negative connotation on the word gay that carries over when the word is used properly. and it usually is used to enforce rigid gender roles, and present queer people as undesirable.
    that is not hilarious

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