Use transpeople to avoid the paparazzi!

Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter. Photo from Google Images (New York Post).

Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter. Photo from Google Images (New York Post).

“The one piece of advice I would give to any actor is, if you want to go out on the street without being recognized, without even being looked at, go out with a 6-foot-8-inch beautiful transsexual. No one gives you a second glance. Especially when you’re 5′ 5″.”

Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter

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9 thoughts on “Use transpeople to avoid the paparazzi!

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    • I can’t believe these lame comments! O Mary!! Since when did the queers COMPLETELY lose their sense of humor, good will, and ability to take a shot and then give back 2, twice as colorful? It’s not even a shot, people! Article: A+, yay for Harry Potter! Comments: P for PoopyStanky.

  2. I don’t really understand the joke, since the media noticed the shit out of this incident. However, he did say she was beautiful, so I’m having a hard time seeing it as inappropriate. Not that finding trans people attractive is any sort of excuse for mistreating them, but you really have to read this a certain way to view it as mistreatment, and the fact that he’s saying she was attractive makes me disinclined to read it in that way. I’m 5’11”, but I’ll often complain to my (5’2″) girlfriend that I’m “a million feet tall”, so even if his date wasn’t anywhere near 6’8″ (which she may have been, I don’t remember the frenzy too well), he wasn’t necessarily making fun of her. He may well have been repeating her joke.

  3. I’m usually really skeptical about celebrities being kind and genuine, but I think I’m giving Radcliffe the benefit of the doubt this time. He seems not to be taking a stab at his trans friend/the trans community but, rather, 1) giving hir a compliment and 2) pointing out transphobia in society: Even a high profile celebrity, whose newest film is soon to come out and is one of the–if not THE–most anticipated of the year, is overlooked in the presence of a gender outlaw. I say good on you, Daniel, don’t make me put my foot in my mouth.

  4. I think when taken out of context, this is a highly offensive quote. But it seems that he’s referring to a specific event rather than just making a blanket statement. This makes all the difference to me personally. And the rest of the story (as I trolled around on the internet for it) seems very queer positive. I’m glad that he’s a public figure who isn’t ashamed to enjoy Drag Shows and other elements of queer culture, even if he is heterosexual himself. I think it’s very mature of him that he doesn’t feel that his masculinity or heterosexuality is threatened by these things and instead embraces them.

  5. Almost everything can be taken as offensive.

    Especially when taken out of context.

    But when posted on this blog, which is largely anti-gay-outrage focused, it is actually PUT INTO a context where one is leant towards taking offense!

    No offense on my part intended, but it’s true.

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