Radical queer zine call for submissions

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The following is a zine project about radical queers and it seems like it could work well to educate everyone on the business that is the non-profit sector (Not that they don’t do some good thing, but if it wasn’t a business, there wouldn’t be non-profit professionals.), but it has to be handled in the right way. People need to realize that the revolution will not be funded, and to enact real change we have to do something, not just fork over our $10 yearly membership fee.

The call for submissions:

“As radical queers, we are in a constant war against the HRC. Our frustrations run much deeper than ENDA or any other single issue, but I have often found myself unable to substantiate my frustrations when talking with more mainstream LGBT folks. So, my friends and I are planning to compile a zine and we are looking for more radical perspectives written in a language that would be accessible to more mainstream LGBT folks.

“Talking points could/should include, but are not limited to: racism, classism, assimilation, militarism/imperialism, transphobia, the prison-industrial complex, the non-profit industrial complex, immigration as a queer issue, public sex/sexuality and sleasure (and how the HRC tries to hide that as a part of our identities), the culture of respectability, healthcare.

“Or maybe, even more fundamentally, why there are no ‘separate issues.’

“We would also be interested in writings on things people have done, actions that have been taken against the HRC, and why we don’t need the HRC. (We can do this ourselves!)

“Remember, the intended audience is mainstream LGBT folks who aren’t already radical – this is an attempt to radicalize them – so please make sure submissions are written in a way that will make sense to these folks. For example, don’t assume somebody knows what the prison industrial complex is or why we don’t like it.

“Please e-mail comments, questions, suggestions and submissions to anarchoqueer@gmail.com.”

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2 thoughts on “Radical queer zine call for submissions

  1. Why don’t you take on the cause of Gay Immigration.
    There are about 40,000 bi-national couples stranded in Immigration Limbo…in which the rights for the Tax-paying American Gay/Lesbian Citizen to pursuit happiness and sponsor his/her love one for immigration purposes are NOT recognize. Thus, being place in the conundrum of having to chose between the love for the USA or their family.

    The Uniting American Families Act (S 424 / HR 1024) must pass this year….

    Write, call, do a sit-in…..to/at your Senator and Congress-person’s office supporting UAFA.

    Please, thanks from an exiled Gay American

    • AMEN to that! My German partner and I live in exile. We’d very much like to go to America- I’d very much like to be in the same nation as my folks, but as it stands, we’re praying that Obama is ale to finagle a way forward, in the attachment to the immigration bill.

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