Marc Jacobs designs for gay civil rights

marcjacobsmarc jacobs 2These pro-gay-rights T-shirts are the latest effort by Marc Jacobs to spur equality. He has previously designed shirts to benefit the Human Rights Campaign, although they were much pricier than these $24 Marc by Marc Jacobs exclusives.

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3 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs designs for gay civil rights

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  2. I’m sorry to have to say this and I keep coming back trying to not say it but… this shirt is hideous. It does not represent me or any lesbian I know. Not all lesbians have children. Not all humans marry. (not everyone pays their taxes!)
    However, I understand the point, but mere symbols would’ve done the trick. Now fanny pack lezzies can feel inadequate and I’m sitting here thinking maybe I don’t show enough skin. While also thinking what is that oddly shaped object between the two lesbians? Is that an orphan?

  3. I think a drawing of people is more powerful than mere symbols, at least to people who don’t know what a particular symbol means.

    As far as realism goes, I know girls who look like both of these people. And do you seriously think Marc Jacobs would draw fanny-pack anything?

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