GaGa bears all for “Out,” tackles rumors

Out Magazine‘s newest cover girl (the girl part is apparently still up for debate for some reason):


The photo shoot paid homage to B-list horror flicks, featuring some racy – and iconic – snapshots of the gay media darling. Maybe these photos will squelch the fiery debate over what the singer was born with – or currently has – in her micro minis. 

lady gaga naked

In other queer GaGa news:

“Someone asked me very recently a very strange question. They said ‘Lady GaGa, do you have a dick?’ And I said yes I do, and it’s much bigger than yours!”

—Lady GaGa

GaGa addresses rumors that she is a man.

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5 thoughts on “GaGa bears all for “Out,” tackles rumors

  1. I liked lady gaga better before, when she was Madonna. I’m glad she’s doing well, seems like a good kid, the message is sometimes curvy, but I mean, for the love of all that’s evil, my 64 year old mother has the cd.

  2. I can’t understand for the LIFE of me why on earth people think she has a penis. She adjusted her outfit in one performance and suddenly they think she has one? She’s said in interviews (while obviously being sarcastic) that she has a “huge donkey dick”.

    That being said, I find her funny. Her music is alright to me, not the best, but I definitely respect her.

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