Kanye talks bisexuality, gays, his career

It seems that Kanye West is up to his old tricks. Devi Dev interviewed the hip hop star, discussing everything from his career to the gays. (Why is Kanye always talking about the gays?)

The highlights:

“There’s no such thing as a bisexual guy. If a guy’s bisexual that makes him gay. Don’t try to re-term it or something like that.”

“The gay people that I actually know, that I like would hang out with, are so genius and bring such incredible gifts to the world. The only gay people I know are like some of the most incredible people on the planet actually.”

“I’m so sure I’m not gay that I’ll wear pink and tight jeans, I’ll stand next to people who look gay, I’ll stand next to people who are gay. I will go to dinner with a gay person just me and that gay person and just be like ‘hey whatever.'” 

Uhh, thanks? I’m not sure if I should be commending Kanye or condemning him.

At any rate, I do believe he doth protest too much, as Kanye repeatedly says he isn’t gay and explains how he isn’t in the video. But trust me, as someone who protested a bit too much as well back when I was straight, Kanye is a total closet case.

Kanye talks gays, again.

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