I am so proud of my Cincy activists

Upon opening my 365gay.com daily headlines newsletter in my e-mail I was shocked to see the battle faces of my friends accompanying the top story about the National Equality March.

We had made the 8-10 hour trek from Cincinnati to Washington, D.C., with every intention of displaying our pride and fighting for our rights. I had no idea that some of their faces would be splashed across every news outlet.

I saw them on my Yahoo! homepage: News about the march with my Cincinnati queers’ faces emblazoned above the story, rainbow flags waving and fists in the air.



National Equality March Cincy People

Recent transplant from Cincinnati, Ryan McLendon, covered the march for the New York Daily News. Ironically, one of the above photos accompanied his story.

And they were literally everywhere: The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, The Advocate and Gay.com. They were even on The Daily Show. I wrote about the march, quoting some of them, for The News Record. I am sure there were even more that we didn’t find.

It made me realize we really did make a difference that day in Washington. The journey was more than physical. And while there is still a lot of work ahead of us, I will never forget the weekend our Cincinnatians helped make the world take notice. 

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