“SNL” parodies “300,” Obama, DADT

Saturday Night Live Sparta 300 Don't ask Don't tell
While Saturday Night Live has been flailing as of late (Can’t we just rewind the tape a few years to the much more hilarious times?), the show has been producing some queer content, especially when it comes to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

This past Saturday, Oct. 17, the show parodied 300 and DADT in a brilliant sketch that highlighted the flaws of the policy and the failure of the Obama administration to remove the ridiculous policy.

King Leonidas declares that the time just isn’t right to rescind the Spartan army’s DADT policy, to which a soldier replies, “It’s never the right time, Leonidas.” Throughout the sketch it becomes painfully obvious that all of the soldiers are gay – albeit a stereotypical portrayal of gay men – and in the end Leonidas reveals that he has partaken in a homosexual act or two. And every single argument Leonidas uses for DADT – the economy, a war, public opinion – is easily dismantled by his troops.

Of course, DADT is abolished and all is still well for Sparta. Hint, hint, Obama.

To view the video, click here.

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