Ohio welcomes 10 LGBT public officials

Photo from Google Images.Ohio has a lot to celebrate after this election. Not only will casinos finally be built in the Buckeye State, but 10 LGBT candidates were elected to office. Maybe the conservative tide in Ohio is turning.

Below is the welcomed list of new public officials:

Amanda Armstrong: Medina Educational Service Center Governing Board
Kevin Johnson: Portsmouth City Council Ward 1
Nickie Antonio: Lakewood City Council
Joe Lacey: Dayton City School Board
Mark Tumeo: Cleveland Heights City Council
Eric Resnick: Canton City School Board
Carol Fey: Bexley City School Board
Sandra Kurt: Akron City Council Ward 8
Jerry Larson: Akron Municipal Court
Jim Sands: Athens City Council

“The Ohio Democratic Party is proud to have recruited and groomed candidates across Ohio who reflect the great diversity of our party and our state,” Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern said in a statement.

Those elected were mostly from the more northern areas, with Akron receiving a double queering.

“Democrats helped elect candidates young and old, male and female, gay and straight, from all geographical areas and of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds,” said Redfern. “Ohio Democrats fielded an unprecedented number of openly gay and lesbian candidates this year and achieved historic success by electing 10 of these candidates to office. We celebrate that success.”

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