Rihanna wants to play lesbian role: desires between femme women okay

Rihanna. Photo from Google Images.


Megan Fox. Photo from Google Images.

Megan Fox

It was only a matter of time before yet another starlet admitted to possibly having same-sex desires. “I’d love to be an assassin. Either that or a lesbian. Maybe both! Hey, a gay assassin, there’s nothing hotter than that,” Rihanna told the Daily Star.

And who else would play her girlfriend? None other than part-time sister of Sappho Megan Fox, every Maxim reader’s dream girl. “She’s yummy. She’s hot,” Rihanna said.

Of course, the world has been all a twitter over this, because when women –especially those who embody the straight ideal of what is attractive – reveal any sort of attraction for another woman, it is celebrated. Usually by heterosexual men, but still, it doesn’t receive that harsh of a punishment.

Yet, not too long ago, this same society condemned Adam Lambert for openly displaying his sexuality during the American Music Awards. I bet if Rihanna had made out with Megan Fox during her AMA performance, she wouldn’t have received the same type of backlash.

“I just think that all humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes,” Megan Fox told GQ. “I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl.”

Of course you could. And as long as that girl is another leading lady, you’re good in the eyes of society. Well, at least better than if you are paired with someone who is a gender deviant.

But what if Rihanna had said she wanted to be with a butch woman? She probably would have received a very different reaction. When she expresses interest for another feminine woman, it is eroticized, but if she deviated from the societal convention of what is attractive, this would have been a very different story.

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18 thoughts on “Rihanna wants to play lesbian role: desires between femme women okay

  1. Indeed, this is hypocritical. The media is – and this case is not an exception. When I say that I can even give an example, the 1st one that pops in my mind – Michael Jackson. They hated him, and after his death, they loved him. Not surprised though, just don’t like the influence the Media does do the society and all.

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