Quote: Obama’s parents in Prop. 8 trial

Judge Vaughn Walker. Photo from Google Images (wsj.com).

“If the president’s parents had lived in Virginia, their marriage would have been unlawful. Doesn’t that indicate there’s been quite a change in our understanding of what people are entitled to marry? Couldn’t an argument be made that there’s been a similar evolution with respect to same-sex marriage?”

— U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker, referring to the fact that President Barack Obama’s mother was white and his father was African American, when Charles Cooper, the lead attorney for the Yes on 8 team, noted that Obama has also expressed opposition to same-sex marriages.

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3 thoughts on “Quote: Obama’s parents in Prop. 8 trial

  1. Why is the issue complex? You either act far and allow couples who are in love to marry or you exclude them. Unlike many things in this world, this is a very simple issue.

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