Happy first blogoversary to me!

It all started as a class project. At the University of Cincinnati, students of journalism are required to take two seminar classes, one of which covers blogging and Internet journalism. Other students presented their newly registered blogs on the second day of class – the men picking sports topics and the women picking student life or fashion. I was the only one to do something different.

Stuff Queer People Need To Know was born on Jan. 14. Less than a year and a quarter million hits later (364,676 to be exact), SQPNTK has blossomed from my humble assignment to one of the top 100 LGBT blogs in the world, as named by the Lesbian & Gay Foundation.

The LGBT community is largely ignored by the national media and is almost never covered by the local media unless there is a large protest. There were stories waiting to be told in my community, issues that were dying to be explored.

So in honor of my one year blogoversary, I have rounded up some of the most important, most impactful and most interesting posts selected from all 354 of them:

University of Cincinnati opens Queer Center

Tranny Roadshow dazzles UC

So if a girl kisses a girl then it doesn’t count, right?

Femaleness as a mental disorder

PETA’s Fur is a Drag campaign steps over the line

Kanye West reinvents the word “gay,” appreciates rainbows

Sean Penn’s Oscar speech hits the mark

No UC funds for Queer Center staffer

GenderF*ck causes bathroom confusion

UC students anti-gay crime update

Alleged anti-gay crime protest at UC

“Silly faggot, dix are for chix” shirt

Queer Art/Queer Action conference

Kate Bornstein educates, entertains XU

Guerrilla Queer Bar a success in Cincy

UC activists host rally for office staffer

Miss California denounces gay marriage

“Trans Survival Guide” now available

Focus On All Families draws queers

Intelligender predicts fetus’ identity

Miss California’s photos – not values or statements – may cost her the crown

GenderBloc GenderF*ck Drag Show

Fergie indulges in Sapphic scenarios

UC’s discussion of diversity is hilarious

Brother Micah protest planned at UC

Alleged anti-gay crime at Tabby’s Bar

Canceled sit-in not a missed chance

Radio hosts ridicule transgender child

CGQB article stirs controversy, support

Cincinnati Pride Day 1: disappointing

Cincinnati Pride day 2: phenomenal

The story of Cleveland Pride in photos

“Bruno”: A long road ahead for queers

MacFarlane outs Family Guy’s Stewie

Former Miss California strikes back

Now we have God to blame for Prejean

Gender continues to oppress everyone

Lady GaGa beats out Obama on equality

National Equality March in photos

National Equality March in video

Bouncer uses unnecessary force to remove gay man at guerrilla queer bar

UC marriage equality flash mob video

Ohio seems more liberal than ever

Lambert’s AMA performance on target

Get tested in honor of World AIDS Day

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