Action alert: CBS bans Super Bowl ads

Next Sunday, much of the nation will gather to watch Super Bowl XLIV – but this year, viewers are in for a surprise.

CBS has approved an ad designed to fuel the culture war over abortion, sponsored by the far-right group Focus on the Family. Stranger still, after years of refusing to run “advocacy ads” by progressive groups, CBS suddenly reversed its policy in order to allow this ad to air.

Ads about the deficit or promoting LGBT tolerance were “so controversial” they would have ruined the Super Bowl – but anti-abortion ads are just fine? Changing its policy to allow “advocacy ads” is a spineless move designed to give CBS political cover and save $2.5 million in ad revenue.

The Super Bowl isn’t the time or the place for a debate about abortion. Take action below and tell executives at CBS not to air Focus on the Family’s divisive and deceptive ad.

Man Crunch gay dating site ad

CBS also banned a ad featuring an effeminate football player turned lingerie designer.

Tell CBS to stop by clicking here.

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