Quote: Sarah Silverman on marriage

“It’s like a joining a country club that doesn’t allow blacks or jews.”

β€” Sarah Silverman on The View, referencing marriage equality allies who are heterosexual and chose to get married

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5 thoughts on “Quote: Sarah Silverman on marriage

  1. Sarah it cute in demeanor and attitude. Although her humor falls short or really good entertainment, I understand the appeal of it to a degree. I will say she is a drop dead gorgeous woman with a sensational body & face.

  2. yer one of my favorite peoples of the nomadic persuasion. sarah, you rank right up there with Mel Brooks , and jesus . If yer ever in chicago I,d like to take you to dinner. E-mail me: lampo292@yahoo.com – p.s kimmel,s a moron , yer hot as hell, if you believe in such a place.

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