Happy one year anniversary to CGQB!

Today’s Cincinnati Enquirer contains a Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar one year anniversary story. The article — titled, “Mobile bar movement working for area gays” — details a popular policy at local bars: Only women are allowed to dance on stages. CGQB attendees have grappled with this policy and usually, by the end of the night, bouncers give up and let everyone dance on stage.

The comments section is starting to really heat up, as it normally does when stories like this are published, and here are a few of the noteworthy remarks:

Umm, LOL at Cincinnati?

CGQB visits a new bar on the first Friday of each month, the next queering being March 5. To stay informed on where we’re going next, join the Facebook group.

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4 thoughts on “Happy one year anniversary to CGQB!

  1. Umm, I would love it if a group of straight people came to a gay bar. I would love to see the uncomfortableness that happens when a straight guy gets hit on and freaks out….bring on the straight crowd!!! If nothing else it would bring money to the community 😀

  2. There’s something like this where I live, but I haven’t been able to attend yet. (I would have gone last Saturday if not for injuries I sustained in an accident.) Seems like a worthwhile idea.

  3. I’d be inclined to acknowledge with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

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