Lady GaGa, Beyonce queer pop music

Look familiar?

John Cameron Mitchell in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"

Lady GaGa in her new video "Telephone"

I’m starting to think the two were separated at birth. But I’m pretty sure if Hedwig was a real person she would totally be best friends with Lady GaGa.

Speaking of the Lady, she has out done herself yet again. Her new video for “Telephone,” a collaboration with the none other than the Queen B herself, features girl-on-girl gropes, packing references and butches (There aren’t ever butches, let alone presented in a positive manner!), to name a few things. And the dance breakdowns give a whole new meaning to the phrase “Cell Block Tango.”

Lady GaGa heats things up in her latest video with a pair of butches. |

But the most surprising part of this queer overload is GaGa and Beyonce seem to be lovers on the run, in almost a Thelma and Louise fashion. To be honest, I didn’t know Beyonce had it in her.

While there have been queerer scenarios put on film, there hasn’t been anything this subversively queer on this large of a scale in quite some time. The video may appear frivolous to some ā€” and it does have its issues, like gratuitous violence ā€” but it is incredibly radical as far as pop culture goes.

Oh, and trust me, if GaGa ever was in the slammer, people across America would go on crime sprees just to spend some time locked up with the Lady.

Check out the cavalcade of queerness below.

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5 thoughts on “Lady GaGa, Beyonce queer pop music

  1. Listening to the interview Lady GaGa did with Ryan Seacrest on his show on Monday morning, she said Beyonce questioned her sanity a bit with the video but she loved the idea and they did it. Ryan even asked GaGa what it was like to be part of her brain matter. She truly is a revolutionary and I look forward to her future work. Hopefully she keeps her edge as time goes on and continues portraying the GLBTP community with dignity and respect.

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