GenderBloc drag show packs UC venue

The GenderBloc GenderF*ck Drag Show took over the University of Cincinnati‘s Catskeller on Friday, May 7, partnering with Friday Night Life and Main Street to bring in over 350 people to the event. The show aims to raise awareness on issues surrounding sexuality and gender, especially transgender issues.

For every show the bathrooms become gender neutral to draw attention to the anxiety gender-variant people feel when choosing a bathroom to use. Usually the signs are torn down within a half hour.

The house was packed for the drag show; this is only half of the audience.

Heywood Jablowme transforms from a pretty princess to a macho man to who they really are.

No, Heywood Jablowme, isn't a "Pretender." They just like to try on multiple identities.

Phil McCock explains his potential attraction to another man in "If I Were Gay."

Shadow Banks learns a few lessons from Mr. Jablowme in "Love, Sex and Magic."

Allusion reveals her sexuality in "I'm Coming Out."

The kings adapt "The Bitch of Living" from the musical "Spring Awakening" for the drag show.

Heywood Jablowme is “Hard to Handle” when performing this Black Crowes song.

Haywood Jablowme shows onlookers the sign in “Prentender” by The Foo Fighters.

The News Record, UC’s independent student news organization, came out to document the fun. TNR even gave the show a full-page spread in the May 12 edition.

Join these performers on Friday, May 14, for Kings and Queens of Trivia, a Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio benefit show at Adonis.

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