Quote: Johnny Galecki on gay rumors

“I haven’t really addressed those rumors because why defend yourself against something that isn’t offensive?”

Johnny Galecki, of CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, on media speculations of his sexuality.

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16 thoughts on “Quote: Johnny Galecki on gay rumors

  1. CindyLoy,
    It is great that you are open-minded, but it is also very upsetting and WRONG to think that homosexuality is only about SEX. It is so upsetting to those of us who are gay to hear people say, “I don’t care what you do in your own bedroom.” That hurts about as much as someone who thinks badly of us. If we are to only be gay in our bedrooms, then we would have to live every single second of our lives in our bedroom. To leave the bedroom to eat and go to the bathroom would require us to not be gay in those instances. Because it is WHO WE ARE, it is not WHAT WE DO.

  2. Why do any of you feel like any celebrity, politician, etc “owes” it to you to disclose the sexuality? Do heterosexuals need to disclose that they are straight? As a person, what difference does it make and honestly, it’s no ones business. It isn’t a celebrities responsibility to be an activist for the LGBT community if they are gay. If the community needs activists, get off your rears and be one and stop acting like those that are famous owe it to you to speak up for you. You have a voice…use it. Actually, why don;t you just live your lives and not make a production of your sexuality. No one cares anymore if you are gay or straight and if they do, that’s their problem. I totally support the LGBT community but more than anything else, I support just living your own life.

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