Touchdown Jesus: May he rest in peace

Touchdown Jesus — the 6-story King of Kings statue emerging from the lake in front of Solid Rock Church on I-75 between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio — went from this:

to this:

when a bolt of lightning struck the monument. Apparently, Jesus wasn’t made of solid rock but rather styrofoam and fiberglass with a steel frame — a fire waiting to happen.

The irony of an enormous Jesus statue struck down by lightning has kept Southwestern Ohioans busy with witty one liners about the monument resurrecting in three days and worshipping false idols.

But, if God takes requests and happens to read this blog, I would appreciate it if he could take out these billboards on I-71 next time it storms:

Oh, and this abomination needs to go as well:

Pretty please?

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11 thoughts on “Touchdown Jesus: May he rest in peace

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