Pride celebration agitates Cincinnatians

With Cincinnati Pride fast approaching, local media coverage has been really heating up with anyone and everyone throwing in their two cents. Citizens for Community Values came out against the annual festival. Pride planners have been relentlessly defending it. The Cincinnati Enquirer even asked me to weigh in.

Check out the stories:

The Cincinnati Enquirer: Letter: Gay pride parade shirt-shrifts Northside

The Cincinnati Enquirer: Equinox Cincinnati gay pride parade’s move Downtown draws positive reviews

The Cincinnati Enquirer: Moving gay pride events draws praise, criticism

City Beat: Pride timing irks CCV

WCPO: Cincinnati gay pride moves from Northside to Downtown

WKRC: Controversial time and place for annual gay pride parade

WLWT: Gay pride parade causing fireworks

And, as always, the comments sections of these stories have become an open forum for bashing queers.

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