Miss NY competes on equality platform

Buffie poses with family after being crowned Miss New York.

As much as I despise former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean — who recently exercised her right to “opposite marriage” when she tied the knot with Oakland Raider Kyle Boller — and these so-called scholarship competitions, one beauty queen is supporting LGBT rights in her race for the crown.

Miss New York Claire Buffie is competing for Miss America on the aptly titled “Straight for Equality: Let’s Talk” platform, focusing on all aspects of equality, not just marriage. She is the first person to compete on this platform in the pageant’s 90 year history.

Buffie’s sister Sarah is a lesbian, which partially fueled her passion for equality.

“When Sarah came out, it empowered me to speak up rather than just remain in neutral,” Buffie told The Advocate. “In addition, I was a dancer growing up and in a dance program at Ball State University. My community is full of LGBT people. It’s my duty to speak up for them.”

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5 thoughts on “Miss NY competes on equality platform

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  4. GO MISS NY! – Sending love and support from Miss WeHo USA 2010!! Equality for all and Claire Buffie you look like an amazing woman who can win Miss America Good Luck!

    (WeHo is the gay community located inside the city of West Hollywood, CA)

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