CCV initiating campaign against Pride

Citizens for Community Values is urging supporters to write its sponsors of Cincinnati Pride 2010, rebuking them for supporting this year’s festivities, which took place on the weekend of July 4.

In the conservative organization’s action alert — which proclaimed, “Homosexual activists hijack Independence Day” — CCV used some rather interesting logic:

We are also sad to see P&G and Kroger allow their employees to couple their good names with an event based on sexual behavior. Would P&G and Kroger allow their name to support a swingers or adulterers club? Whatever the title, it’s all about sexual cravings!

CCV is targeting Fifth Third Bank, U.S. Bank, Macy’s, Kroger and Procter & Gamble in this campaign. These Cincinnati businesses are receiving the following letter from CCV followers:

I am writing to express my extreme disapproval of your decision to sponsor the Equinox Cincinnati: Pride 2010 celebration on July 4 weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a corporate entity established to meet the needs of your customers, you may want to consider the effects of making sexual behavior center stage on Independence Day. Not only are the conditions less than ideal for children, but the original purpose of the holiday has been tossed aside. I find absolutely nothing patriotic or family-friendly in this event and I am sorry to see that you are a part of it.

CCV, an affiliate of Focus on the Family, crusades against anything positive for the Cincinnati queer community, including the Equal Housing and Employment Act and the repeal of Article XII.

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