Lesbian “Top Model” contestant bullied in school

Last night, the women competing to for the title of America’s Next Top Model posed to raise awareness of bullying in schools. Each potential model wrote a word on themselves that their fellow students used to persecute and harass them; one of them selected the word queer.

Kayla Ferrel of "America's Next Top Model" Cycle 15 | The CW

“I picked queer because I experience rejection and people talking about me because of my sexuality,” Kayla Ferrel said to show host Tyra Banks. “I was nervous about having it written all over my body because I knew how much it hurt me.”

Ferrel — a lesbian, who came out during 10th grade — broke down in tears when explaining to the judges exactly how fellow students tortured her because of her sexuality. She was so traumatized by her classmates after coming out that she transferred to a different high school.

“You can’t fully understand unless you are who I am or in my community, so to have queer written all over your body is not easy,” Ferrel said.


5 thoughts on “Lesbian “Top Model” contestant bullied in school

  1. This is hard, because queer is clearly such a painful word for her but its also the word that I choose to define myself as. How do we balance using a word for empowerment that is also used to tear us down?

  2. To be honest, when you think about it. It’s not really her fault why she’s like this. And, besides that, there’s really nothing wrong for being a lesbian. Gays and Lesbians won’t harm us, because they are human themselves, so I think writing ‘Queer’ was really right for her to write on her body, because she can use that fact to help her be strong. As to say, that she had the courage to actually write it is amazing.

  3. I read in an interview somewhere that the word she actually chose for the photo shoot was ‘dyke’. The producers apparently asked her to change it to something more tame so they could actually show it on air without worrying about it being to offensive. She was reluctant in letting them do that though ’cause it basically hides how hurt she was in high school.

    Found the interview!

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