Election rejection: Voters oust Dems, BG equality undetermined

The GOP has swept Ohio.

Republican Steve Chabot edged out incumbent Steve Driehaus. Rob Portman, Rand Paul and Dan Coates are headed to the Senate for Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. John Boehner, conservative representative of Ohio’s eighth district is poised to be the next speaker of the House and third person in line for the presidency.

This election continues the political cycle of governmental gridlock leading to the voter backlash and ousting the current political party leading to more governmental gridlock — a mobilization of anger at the party in power, just to reset and start all over again.

If pro-equality legislation like ENDA or the Ohio Equal Housing and Employment Act isn’t passed before the current session ends, the bills will be paralyzed at least for the next two years.

The bright spots that came out of Tuesday’s election: LGBT (with an emphasis on the T) equality champion Denise Driehaus was re-elected to the Ohio House; a record number of LGBT candidates were elected, including Jim Gray for mayor of Lexington, Ky.; and at least one of the Bowling Green, Ohio, non-discrimination ordinances was approved by voters.

Initial election night reports from the Toledo Blade indicated both Bowling Green LGBT non-discrimination ordinances 7905 and 7906 had failed.

To clarify, a yes vote on ordinance 7905 maintains housing protections for LGBT people and 7906 maintains employment and education protections for LGBT people.

The Toldeo Blade has removed this report from its website. One Bowling Green, the campaign in favor of LGBT non-discrimination ordinances posted this on its Facebook fan page:

“The election is not yet certified, but we believe we have won 7905. We are down 116 votes on 7906, but provisional ballots have not yet been counted.  More than enough provisional ballots were cast, but they have to be certified.”

On Top Magazine is reporting voters approved ordinance 7905 for LGBT housing protections with 50.15 percent of the vote, while ordinance 7906 for LGBT employment and education protections failed with 50.71 percent of the electorate voting no.

The race is really too close to call on ordinance 7906. It will come down to provisional and mail-in ballots.


2 thoughts on “Election rejection: Voters oust Dems, BG equality undetermined

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