Action alert: Stop proposed Ohio abortion ban

Ohio state Rep. Lorraine Fende is planning to introduce legislation to ban all abortions for women after 22 weeks, before the time a woman carrying a planned for and/or wanted pregnancy could find out if she faces complications or a fetal anomaly.

She is reaching out to lawmakers for their support on this bill even before they are sworn into office in January.  In her memo to her colleagues, state Rep. Lorraine Fende said, “it is my hope that hearings will be held before we start the debate on the budget.”

NARAL Ohio is urging pro-choice Ohioans to write to state Rep. Lorraine Fende and Speaker-designate Bill Batchelder today and tell them this legislation is unacceptable.

UPDATE: This legislation was introduced on Dec. 16. NARAL is still urging Ohioans to contact representatives Fende and Betchelder. You can also contact the representative for your district and urge them to oppose the legislation.


One thought on “Action alert: Stop proposed Ohio abortion ban

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