This Week’s Best Links: Pundits react to Ariz. shootings, Rep. Jim Jordan snubs GOProud, Howard Brown is still in the red

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Hernandez escorting Giffords to an ambulance. | AP

Daniel Hernandez, the gay congressional intern who saved the life of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords during the Arizona shootings, appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show to discuss threats against the congresswoman and his ability to remain calm under pressure. Watch it here.

Amid criticism for the role her incendiary language and crosshair map may have played in the Arizona shootings, Sarah Palin returned fire by comparing the criticism to blood libel — the false accusation that Jews murder children to use their blood in religious rituals. Watch Palin put her foot in her mouth:

Jon Stewart offered a poignant and sensible reaction to the Arizona shootings on The Daily Show. Watch it here.

PFLAG Cincinnati is holding a membership drive and is asking for donations to its scholarship fund. The fund supports local LGBT high school seniors and college students who have made outstanding contributions to the community. Since 1992, PFLAG Cincinnati has awarded over $125,000 in scholarships.

Ohio University is adding gender-neutral housing to its residence options for the next school year. Gender-neutral housing allows on-campus residents of any gender to live together and is usually implemented to help LGBT students feel more comfortable living on campus.

Rep. Jim Jordan

Congressman Jim Jordan, a Republican from Urbana, Ohio, will boycott a conservative conference slated for February because GOProud plans to attend. A staunch “traditional family values” champion, Jordan is the most high-profile conservative politician to publicly pass on the event.

State Rep. Lorraine Fende introduced legislation Tuesday to ban all abortions for Ohio women after 22 weeks — before the time a woman carrying a planned for and/or wanted pregnancy could find out if she faces complications or a fetal anomaly. NARAL Ohio is urging pro-choice Ohioans to tell the House this legislation is unacceptable by writing Rep. Fende and the representative for their district.

The GLBT History Museum, the first in the United States, opened it’s doors Thursday in the Castro district of San Francisco. A project of the GLBT Historical Society, the museum features two galleries, a reception area and a store.

Howard Brown exceeds its fund-raising goal.

In a last-ditch effort to keep its doors open, Chicago’s Howard Brown Health Center raised $658,474 in a matter of months; however, this victory may be short lived if the organization does not continue to pay off $3 million of debt, left as a legacy from the previous executive team’s alleged financial mismanagement.

Nepal will enumerate transgender people when it takes a census in May. Following a supreme court ruling guaranteeing equal treatment for LGBT people, a third gender option was added to the gender category of the census.

After a fake press release declaring singer Omarion is bisexual circulated last weekend, Omarion went on a media blitz declaring his love for women.

Britney Spears‘s new single, “Hold It Against Me,” dropped this week, and the homos rejoiced. Check it out below:

From the Archives: Judy Shepard, LGBT rights activist and mother of hate-crime victim Matthew Shepard, spoke at the University of Cincinnati, touting a message of acceptance and education.

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