This Week’s Best Links: Gender-neutral homecoming court, Ind. moves to ban gay marriage again, N.C. gay man mutilated

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The Indiana House approved a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.  While gay marriage is already illegal in Indiana, a constitutional amendment would prevent courts from overturning the existing ban or the legislature from legalizing same-sex marriage in the future. The Senate is expected to approve the amendment. After both chambers pass the proposal, it would have to pass again in 2013 or 2014 to get on the ballot in 2014.

Facebook has added “In a Domestic Partnership” and “In a Civil Union” relationship status options for U.S. residents. The social network plans to roll out these options for other locations soon.

The National Center for Transgender Equality is gathering reports of “gender no-match letters.” The Social Security Administration sends out these notifications when the gender in SSA records is different than the one recorded on employment records, outing transgender people at work. If you have received one of these letters, contact NCTE.

Oak Reed | The Advocate

After Oak Reed, a transgender man, was denied the title of homecoming king, a Michigan high school has opted for gender-neutral royalty titles to be more inclusive of all students. Reed will also be allowed to wear a tuxedo for band performances and the men’s cap and gown for graduation.

Need a condom in New York? Now there’s an app for that. In honor of Valentine’s Day and National Condom Day, the New York City Health Department launched a smart phone app utilizing GPS technology to direct users to the closest location with free condoms.

STOP AIDS Cincinnati will provide free confidential and anonymous HIV tests at Shooters Feb. 19, and Bronz Feb. 26.

RuPaul | Google Images

The National Black Justice Coalition celebrated Black History Month by posting profiles of LGBT black history makers on its website. The profiles include June Jordan, Sheryl Swoopes, RuPaul and more.

Gay man Steven Starr was allegedly murdered by Michael Anderson after they met in a North Carolina gay bar. Anderson reportedly told Starr he is straight, but that he came to the club to experiment. After the murder, Anderson called 911, telling the operator that the damage he did to Starr was so extensive his body and face had become unrecognizable.

A proposed South Dakota law would expand the definition of justifiable homicide to include killing someone to prevent harm to a fetus. This legislation could make it legal to kill an abortion doctor or a women seeking an abortion.

From the Resources: GenderBloc is a student group at the University of Cincinnati focusing on queer, transgender and genderqueer issues. Read more about the organization on

From the Archives: Canceled sit-in not a missed chance

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