Ohio activists organize sit-in at Boehner’s office over DOMA

Supporters from Equality Ohio, GetEqual Ohio and Impact Cincinnati teamed up today to protest Republican House Speaker John Boehner‘s use of tax payer money to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act.

Boehner’s decision is a response to President Barack Obama’s refusal to defend DOMA. A Department of Justice memo indicated the statute is unconstitutional and violates the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

Five of the activists — Sean Watkins, Liz Mills, Karay Martin, Morgan Bonney and Jesse Bonney — refused to leave Boehner’s West Chester district office after they were denied an opportunity to meet with the speaker. His office also rejected a petition signed by 33,233 Ohioans, urging Boehner to stop wasting Congress’s time and taxpayer’s money on defending DOMA. Other activists protested outside of Boehner’s office as a measure of solidarity.

Ohioans protest outside of Boehner’s Southwestern Ohio office. | GetEqual

All five of the participants in the sit-in were arrested and charged with trespassing. They are expected to be released before 5 p.m. EST.

Support this action by calling Boehner’s West Chester office at (513) 779-5400 or his Washington, DC, office at (202) 225-6205, telling his staff the speaker needs to focus on jobs, not DOMA.

UPDATE: FOX 19 reported from the scene, and GetEqual has posted video of the Boehner sit-in. Watch it below:


2 thoughts on “Ohio activists organize sit-in at Boehner’s office over DOMA

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