Watch: Maddow explains Ohio SB 5, jury out on partner benefits

Rachel Maddow breaks down union-busting Ohio Senate Bill 5:

Speculation abound on the exact impact S.B. 5 would have on domestic partner benefits for public workers. As the bill reads now, the language of section 3101.01 that defines marriage as between one man and one women mirrors existing statutes. But the vague subsequent clauses could rescind domestic partner benefits won by employees through collective bargaining, depending on how S.B. 5 is interpreted.

According to a statement from Equality Ohio, S.B. 5 creates a system for current collective bargaining agreements to be dissolved, and it prohibits future collective bargaining, particularly for health benefits. If S.B. 5 becomes law, collective bargaining will no longer be a tool for public employees to negotiate domestic partner benefits — a tool that has had some success at public universities in Ohio, including the University of Cincinnati.

S.B. 5 was approved by the Ohio Senate and is currently in the Ohio House, which may vote on its version of the bill as early as next week. Gov. John Kasich is expected to sign the bill.

5 thoughts on “Watch: Maddow explains Ohio SB 5, jury out on partner benefits

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