Bullied Ohio teen commits suicide

Nicholas Kelo | Northern Wayne Post

Nicholas Kelo | Northern Wayne Post

An Akron-area 13-year-old took his own life Feb. 23, after relentless bullying and rumors that he was gay.

Nicholas Kelo Jr., a Rittman High School freshman, gave up football to play tenor sax in the high school band. Classmates then assumed Kelo must be gay if he preferred band to football, escalating the continued taunting.

The mother of another RHS student, whose son is also a victim of bullying, recalls a teammate spitting on Kelo during a school bus ride home after a football game.

Kelo’s mother was aware of the bullying and had even visited the school twice this year to address the problem with administrators. Other parents of RHS students have come forward after Kelo’s suicide complaining of similar issues.

A fund has been established in Kelo’s honor to help with character education in the district, and all grade levels will have anti-bullying programs built into the curriculum.

This isn’t the only story like this to come out of Northeast Ohio this school year. Students chanted “powder blue faggots” at a Cleveland-area high school football game between rivals Eastlake North High School and Willoughby South High School to taunt the opposing team. Nearby Mentor High School is embroiled in legal trouble after parents of four bullied students, who committed suicide over a two year period, sued the district for not stopping the harassment.


6 thoughts on “Bullied Ohio teen commits suicide

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  2. This is very sad. I can’t believe that kids today still seem to thank that they are so much better than everyone else, that they have to spend their time picking on others. We all know that they only reason they are doing it, is because they are trying to draw attention to themselves. Lord knows I put up with enough of those jerks in high school.

    But, I wasn’t picked on because I was gay, I was picked on because I was short and poor. I didn’t discover that I was gay until I was out of school, so nobody ever accused me of being gay. Well, one person. But, I could have cared less about his opinion. But, with all the education, and information that is out there today, you would think that kids would be smarter, and more understanding of each other. Everyone is different in their own way, why go out of your way to punish them for it?

    More needs to be done to educate kids on how wrong this is. I know from experience that it is not just about being gay, it’s about hate. And, it needs to stop.

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