This Week’s Best Links: DOMA repeal initiated, gay men beaten, privatization paramount in Ohio budget, Kasich polls plummet

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A group of six teenagers beat a New York City gay man after one of them yelled, “Is that a guy or a girl?” at the victim. Barie Shortell suffered a fractured jaw, nose and eye sockets as a result of the beating. Police are treating this attack as a hate crime and have not made any arrests.

A gay man was beaten at a Detroit BP gas station as the store clerk and two other customers looked on. Justin Alesna said his assailant asked him not to stand too close to him in line at the gas station and then began asking if Alesna was a “fucking homo.” Alesna ignored the man until he showed him a gun and began punching him. Police have not made any arrests. Alesna speaks out about the beating in the video below:

An Akron-area 13-year-old took his own life Feb. 23, after relentless bullying and rumors that he was gay. Nicholas Kelo Jr., a Rittman High School freshman, gave up football to play tenor sax in the high school band. Classmates then assumed Kelo must be gay if he preferred band to football, escalating the continued taunting.

Before and after satellite photos of the earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan have been released. The New York Times website has several photos from all over the island nation.

This area, which includes nuclear plants, was closest to the epicenter of the quake. | New York Times

More than 3,000 Cincinnatians converged on Fountain Square Tuesday evening to express their outrage over union-busting Ohio Senate Bill 5. The rally coincided with Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s budget town hall meeting in Columbus, where he was met by dozens of union protestors. Many details of the Ohio budget are still unclear, Kaisch calling it a work in progress, and his top advisers dodged questions about annual spending increases. But Kasich did pledge to privatize more government agencies and services.

Poll numbers for Kasich have been released. The Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati indicates 40 percent of Ohio adults approve of Kasich’s performance, 47 percent disapprove and 13 percent neither approve or disprove.

In a separate poll, 54 percent of Ohio voters indicated they would repeal SB 5 in an election later this year, while 31 percent said they would let it stand.

Funding for Stop AIDS Cincinnati case managers will be redistributed to Caracole, a Cincinnati nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing to people living with HIV/AIDS. Stop AIDS is currently working with Caracole to help 1,100 clients make a smooth transition between the agencies.

Feinstein introducing the DOMA repeal | Metro Weekly

Both houses of the U.S. Congress introduced versions of Respect for Marriage Act, legislation to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.  Laying out her aim to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act by “We are us[ing] the regular order [of Senate procedure] as much as we can … so that the hearings are held and nobody can say we pushed anything through,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat who spearheaded the repeal. President Barack Obama indicated his support for the measure, which currently has no Republican sponsorship.

About 500 people rallied against a proposed Indiana constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, civil unions and domestic partner benefits. While same-sex marriage is already illegal in Indiana, a constitutional amendment would prevent courts from overturning the existing ban or the legislature from legalizing same-sex marriage in the future.

ABC News outlined different types of intersex conditions and fetal sterilization. The article also features interviews with activists for the civil rights of children born with variations of sex anatomy.

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