Quote: Ohio Sen. Brown on raising Congress retirement age

Sherrod Brown | Google Images

“Members of Congress receive healthy salaries and decent benefits at a time when too many Americans have seen their pensions and 401(k) plans disappear. … As it stands now, congressional members can access full pension benefits at age 62 with as little as five years of federal service, but millions of Americans can’t do the same. If a Youngstown steelworker or Cincinnati nurse or a Mansfield waitress has to wait to age 65 to get retirement benefits, so should my colleagues in the House or Senate. Why should they be treated differently?”

— Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown said when announcing a new bill to raise the retirement age for Congress to match that of the retirement age to receive Social Security. The legislation comes in the wake of a GOP-proposed budget plan to privatize Medicare and raise the age to collect Social Security.


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