This Week’s Best Links: NOM organizer changes teams, FOX boots Beck, Touchdown Jesus returns, Kasich recall introduced

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Louis Marinelli in front of the NOM bus. | 365gay

Louis Marienelli, an organizer for the National Organization for Marriage, switched teams: He resigned from NOM after coming out as a marriage equality supporter, citing experiences on the NOM Summer for Marriage tour last year as to what changed his mind. And while he does still think homosexuality could be a mental illness, he thinks those afflicted should be able to marry.

Cook County Jail in Chicago will begin housing detainees based on gender identity instead of their natal sex. Transgender prisoners will go before a gender identity panel of physicians and therapists before being placed in quarters for men or women. There will also be training on gender issues for correctional staffers.

The News Record, the University of Cincinnati independent student newspaper, profiled local transgender and genderqueer activist and GenderBlocer K.D. Miller. Read the story on

The Cincinnati race riots, a defining moment in recent Queen City history, started 10 years ago this week. The riots were a response to the fatal shooting of Timothy Thomas, a black man, by a Cincinnati police officer Steven Roach during a pursuit. Roach originally claimed he shot Thomas when it looked like he was reaching for a weapon, but investigations later revealed Roach did not follow proper procedure for handling a firearm in a pursuit.

Replacement Touchdown Jesus. | Dayton Daily News

Rejoice for our Touchdown Jesus will rise again! Solid Rock Church unveiled the new model for it’s King of Kings statute, replacing the charred remains of the Jesus statue that was struck by lightning last summer. Looks like their insurance covered acts of God.

Democratic state representatives introduced a bill to recall Ohio Gov. John Kasich, spurred by the newly signed, union-busting Ohio Senate Bill 5. (AlterNet recently named Kasich among the eight worst governors in America.) A governor recall effort would require a petition signed by 15 percent of the number of voters in the last governor election. House sponsors of the recall effort acknowledge the measure will not be approved by the Republican-controlled legislature.

While protesters call for a referendum of SB 5, Kasich and GOP state legislators are admittedly backing up the bill by placing key sections of it in the governor’s biennial budget. Kasich’s budget eliminated or reduces many key services for an estimated job loss of 51,052.

Ohio Senate Bill 72, a ban on late-term abortions, was approved by the GOP-controlled Senate 24 – 8. The bill now moves onto the Ohio House, where Republicans also hold a majority.

Glenn Beck | Google Images

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck parted ways with FOX News after a one-year ratings plummet. While Beck hinted at pursuing other projects with FOX, many are interpreting his statements to mean the network put him down gently.

Rep. Barney Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat, reintroduced the Employment Non-Discrimination Act with 111 co-sponsors. ENDA was introduced during the previous congressional session with 203 co-sponsors, but it never made it out of the House Education and Labor Committee.

If federal lawmakers fail to reach an agreement on the budget, federal government programs and offices will shut down until an agreement is reached. Excepting members of Congress, federal workers will not receive a paycheck while the government is shut down, but many lawmakers are planning to return their checks to the treasury during the shutdown. (UPDATE: Lawmakers reached an agreement on the budget last night.)

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