Slam poet Andrea Gibson performs at University of Cincinnati

Andrea Gibson reading her poetry in Catskeller at the University of Cincinnati.

Queer slam poet and activist Andrea Gibson shared her work at the University of Cincinnati as a part of QueerCat Pride Week. GenderBloc, a radical queer student group focusing on transgender and genderqueer activism at UC, hosted Gibson in Catskeller.

Themes of love, gender, war and politics permeated Gibson’s poetry. And, I was lucky enough to see Gibson read on of my favorite poems, “Andrew”:

Unfortunately, my videos from the performance didn’t turn out very well, so I created a YouTube playlist of the videos I could find of Gibson’s UC performance. You can watch most of the show here.

One thought on “Slam poet Andrea Gibson performs at University of Cincinnati

  1. “I want to grow into something none of us have ever seen before…” love that.

    Hi Jamie, I’m a DIY bedroom musician from Sydney, Australia – who loves poetry. In fact, I took a ‘Canonical Poetry’ class for my English major. 🙂
    So, anyway, I have this song on YouTube called ‘Talk To Me, Hercules’ and thought this might be a good place to share it. It’s not too political and it’s quite male-oriented, but would you still care to listen?

    Thank you very much for your time, Jamie.
    It’s much appreciated.


    PS: What do you think RuPaul would say?

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