Students walk out on anti-LGBT senator’s graduation speech

Photo: Ohio Sen. Rob Portman. Portrait of a white man with gray hair in a suit in front of Ohio and American flags. Photo source: Google Images 220px-Rob_Portman,_official_portrait,_112th_Congress

Sen. Rob Portman | Google Images

Over 100 graduating students of University of Michigan Law School walked out of their own commencement ceremony in protest of the speaker, alumnus Sen. Rob Portman. The Republican from Ohio is staunchly anti-LGBT, voting to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage and to ban same-sex couples from adopting in Washington, D.C.

Students banded together in support of their LGBT classmates once Portman was announced as the commencement speaker, planning  to protest the anti-LGBT lawmaker during their graduation. Watch the walk-out aftermath below:

I really wish someone had taken a video of Portman’s face during the walk-out.

UPDATE: An Autostraddle blogger attends the University of Michigan, and she wrote a behind-the-scenes post to the walk-out.


4 thoughts on “Students walk out on anti-LGBT senator’s graduation speech

  1. Bambi Geicko Facebook your Exiled MSA Mascot applauds your walkout, since my arrival Fall 1983 there has been quite a few dept by dept leading up to a Grad Protest. KNS, i still luvu><

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