My last GenderBloc GenderF*ck Drag Show

GenderBloc, a radical queer organization at the University of Cincinnati focusing on transgender and genderqueer activism, performs in its GenderF*ck drag show thrice yearly to raise money for transgender support and activist organizations. The GenderF*ck also serves as a creative form of outreach to the UC community.

This was the last show for the remaining original performers, so it was an emotional night. I have been a part of this show for almost four years, and I am so appreciative of everyone who does their part to make the GenderF*ck happen. It has really become a celebration of all bodies, genders and identities, and I couldn’t be more proud.

GenderF*ckers spotlight HIV funding cuts.

During this show we highlighted cuts to the Ohio HIV Drug Assistance Program. The OHDAP budget was already slashed to $5.5 million, and a waiting list was created for HIV+ Ohioans to receive their life saving medication. The Ohio General Assembly had proposed more cuts to OHDAP, but decided on the day of the drag show to increase OHDAP funding by $300,000.

While this proposed increase to  OHDAP funding is a huge victory, it would not eliminate the waiting list. So GenderBloc partnered with Ohio Advocates, a youth-supported comprehensive sex-ed advocacy group, to collect over 200 personally addressed postcards from the audience to send to Ohio state legislators to urge them to eliminate the waiting list. Watch the drag performance below that illustrates the cuts to OHDAP:

Photos from the rest of the GenderF*ck Drag Show are up on the Facebook fan page. You can also watch the entire show on YouTube.

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