Happy seventh banniversary, Ohio!

Photo: A white hand holding up a white sign that reads "defend marriage" with man and woman bathroom gender symbols underneath. Photo source: Google Images minn-GAY-marriage-banSeven years ago today, Ohio’s constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage went into effect.

Ohio has three same-sex marriage bans, including the constitutional amendment approved by voters, which banned not only gay marriage but it also barred state and local governments from recognizing anything resembling gay marriage, like domestic partnerships. Under the referendum, businesses cannot be forced by the government to recognize same-sex relationships, but businesses can choose to recognize these relationships and extend domestic partner benefits to employees.

Citizens for Community Values — a faith-based organization in Cincinnati affiliated with Focus on the Family — instigated the federal Defense of Marriage Act and created the blueprint for state DOMAs, including Ohio’s constitutional same-sex marriage ban.


4 thoughts on “Happy seventh banniversary, Ohio!

  1. And thanks to their efforts, we were guaranteed an extra 4 years of Chimpy.

    The “value” of their “services” is incalculable. You can’t put a dollar amount on the damage they’ve done.

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    It is invisible – it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform
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