You’ve got Queermail: Openly gay man running for Ohio state representative

The following is an actual letter from my inbox. It is posted here verbatim, with no edits. My comments follow the letter in italics. If you would like to contact me, please write to


I was reading some articles on Lorraine Fende today and came across one that you had written a few months ago.

I’m James Helmink, a Democrat running for State Representative in district 60. The district was renumbered but it is her current district with a few changes.

Additionally, I am openly gay. Rep. Fende is term limited and cannot run again. Dan Troy is my primary election opponent and was endorsed this week by the Ohio Right to Life PAC.  I just wanted to write and bring your attention to this race. I am originally from Eastlake, graduated from Georgetown University, and then The Ohio State University for law school. I am an attorney now.

If you have any questions you can visit my website: or you can call me at redacted.

Jim Helmink

Thanks for sharing this information. I’m glad to hear State Rep. Lorraine Fende termed out, considering all she did during her last term was come up with unique ways to circumvent Roe v. Wade and effectively ban abortion in Ohio. And she was a Democrat.

It seems like your opponent for the Democratic primary, Dan Troy, is not much better. And the Ohio Right to Life PAC is almost as gag-worthy as Citizens for Community ValuesBut best of luck to you, nonetheless. 

What do you think?

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