It’s my three year blogiversary!

Google ImagesToday, I’m toasting to Stuff Queer People Need To Know. It’s been three years since my first post, which was pretty much a repost of an article on a gay man attacked in Dayton. My first original piece on the University of Cincinnati’s LGBT center opening went up a few days later.

Quite a bit has changed since I started this blog. America inaugurated the first black president. “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” has been repealed. Hundreds of thousands of queers marched on Washington. Ohio elected the first openly lesbian woman to the state House of Representatives, and Cincinnati elected the first openly gay man to city council. Carrie Prejean came and went as Miss California USA and “opposite marriage” accidental spokesperson. The Matthew Shepherd Act added sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes in hate crimes legislation, even though there have been more hate crimes than I can count. Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, Chaz Bono and Stewie Griffin all came out. The Ohio House passed the Equal Housing and Employment Act for the first time. New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New York, Iowa and D.C. legalized gay marriage, while Maine lost it shortly thereafter. And I relocated from Cincinnati to Chicago.

At first, looking back on these old posts made me cringe—I noticed a myriad of mistakes and things I wanted to change. This blog started as a journalism class project. I was a student when I wrote those posts, and they were my best at the time. They show me how much I’ve learned and how far I’ve come as a writer, reporter and editor.

And I have a lot to celebrate. Stuff Queer People Need To Know has been featured in The Cincinnati Enquirer, City Beat, The Guardian and a myriad of other places. The Lesbian & Gay Foundation named this blog among the top 100 LGBT blogs, and Autostraddle named this blogger one of it’s hot 100 real queer women. The It Gets Better video I made with other Cincinnati queers was featured on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. I’ve started posting over at In Our Words and, very soon, Huffington Post Chicago. And I’m a freelance reporter for Windy City Times. Thanks, internet.

So, here’s to another year writing about all things queer. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “It’s my three year blogiversary!

  1. Cheers on the blogoversary. I’m a UC alum myself (’03 BA History, ’04 MS Criminal Justice).

    I can see we probably don’t agree on anything, but I thought I’d say hello, congrats, good luck with the blog all the same.

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