Beth Ditto and MAC collaborate on cosmetics collection

Image: Beth Ditto, a fat white woman, wearing heavy makeup with matching eye makeup and lipstick on her hand. Her hand is covering one of her eyes. For MAC. Photo Source: Google Images.Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto is teaming up with MAC for a limited edition cosmetics line, and I’m kind of having a femme-gasm.

I don’t normally get so excited about celebrities, corporations and capitalism, but this is a partnership I can get behind. MAC cosmetics are not tested on animals, many of the products are vegan, and the company often hires non-normative spokesmodels and employees, like Ditto. She is an unapologetic fat, queer, feminist who lets her inner drag queen shine—someone not considered beautiful to most of American society, someone like me—yet, MAC made her the face of her own high-end cosmetics line. That’s usually reserved for straight, white, thin, young, stereotypically attractive models and celebrities. (Although, CoverGirl did deviate from its usual spokesmodels with Ellen DeGeneres and Queen Latifa.)

I’m bummed that Ditto isn’t working with MAC’s Viva Glam campaign because every cent of the selling price of products in the Viva Glam line goes to the MAC AIDS Fund. Previous Viva Glam spokesmodels include queer and allied songstresses Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper, as well as professional drag aficionado RuPaul.


4 thoughts on “Beth Ditto and MAC collaborate on cosmetics collection

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  3. How could you forget Johnny Weir in this awesome article of Awesome folks representing Awesome cosmetics? 😛 Anyway, just wish he’d been included. Doesn’t make the article or Mac any less wonderful I guess. Just would be that little bit of added awesome.

    Plus, I just really adore Johnny and he certainly would fit into anything inclusive of non traditional role models.

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