Highlight the struggles and accomplishments of all women on International Women’s Day

Photo: A red women's symbol with a radical fist in the middle. Surrounding text reads: "Solidarity with women's struggled all over the world." It has photos of diverse groups of women surrounding it. Photo Source: Google ImagesToday is International Women’s Day. And that’s all well and good. It’s great that people are taking a day to think about and celebrate all the wonderful things women do everyday and highlight the injustices they face. And there’s lots and lots of good stuff out on the internet today, but it’s mostly focusing on white, American cisgender women, so I would I like to shine the spotlight some of on the women we have overlooked. Whole books could be written on these topics, so I’m gonna to highlight a few issues:

Transgender women, particularly those of color, are much more likely to be victims of violent crimes. In 2010, 44 percent of LGBT murder victims were transgender women, and in 2009 transgender women were 50 percent of murder victims. Yet transgender people as a whole are only about 1 percent of the LGBT population.

Poverty is most definitely racialized and feminized. Single cisgender women with children—particularly single mothers of color—represent the largest share of adults in poverty. In 2008, 28.7 percent of households headed by single cisgender women were in poverty, while 13.8 percent of households headed by single cisgender men and 5.5 percent of heterosexual married-couple households lived in poverty. Unemployment among African-American cisgender women jumped to 12.9 percent, while the unemployment rate increased to 12.1 percent for Hispanic cisgender women. Not to mention, most of our homeless queer youth are black transgender women.

Workers abroad toil in deplorable conditions for low pay and no benefits, while corporations defile their natural resources and their dignity to produce products for us here in the First World. These workers, 70 percent of whom are cisgender women of color, are as an integral cog as we are in the international economic system of oppression Wall Street perpetuates.

So, in honor of International Women’s Day, keep in mind the stuggles of all women, including transgender women, women of color and women abroad.


3 thoughts on “Highlight the struggles and accomplishments of all women on International Women’s Day

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  2. Hey thanks for sharing and making International Women’s Day more about white cisgender women. While it’s good to talk about the injustices that women who are not white and cisgender experience, I think it would have been really great to highlight some of the accomplishments of transgender women and women of color for International Women’s Day. All we hear about transgender women is how disadvantaged they are but the trans women I know are some of the most resilient people I know. And I know many trans women of color making great strides in the HIV field here in Chicago. I see a project coming up but it would definitely take some digging. Thanks for sharing

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