This blogger is one of the 10 Chicago lesbians to look out for in 2012

Photo: Banner that reads: "And they are ... 10 Chicago lesbians to look out for in 2012." Photo source: The L Stop, Google Images

The L Stop announced the 10 Chicago lesbians to look out for in 2012
, and guess who made the list? That’s right, this blogger. According to the list, these people are movers and shakers in the queer social scene, artists and activists, business women and beyond. It’s quite an impressive list to be on. But it’s weird.

It’s not that I’m not a lesbian. I mean, I’m sorta lesbian adjacent. I may not live on the same block, but I’m in the neighborhood.

It’s all really confusing for me. I’m attracted to all sorts of people, many of whom are women. But there isn’t one label that really encompasses me, and I don’t have a strong allegiance to any identity. Our language is far from perfect. My bestie and I have been making up different identities for ourselves since we met because there aren’t many boxes we fit into or that we feel welcome in (this is probably why we’re best friends).

Because I am a femme cisgender woman, I go through the world being read as a multitude of sexual identities based upon my appearance, my partner or whomever I happened to be hanging out with at the time. People will think what they want to think, and constantly explaining myself to everyone is exhausting and a burden I don’t want to and can’t always articulate. Really, as long as I can get people to not call me straight, I’m fine.

But blurring the boundaries of our community can be a very beautiful thing. So, while it’s a little weird, I’m grateful to be recognized alongside other people who are doing amazing things, especially when I’ve only been in Chicago for six months.

Read the write-up on me below, or see the full list of winners here.

The L Stop Chicago Ten Chicago Lesbians To Look Out For 2012. Google Images.


6 thoughts on “This blogger is one of the 10 Chicago lesbians to look out for in 2012

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  2. Wear it with pride! Like you I don’t fit into one neat little category, though I do refer to myself as a tranny dyke (I can’t explain it, it just feels like it fits, even though physically I am more attracted to men.) Congratulations on the recognition, you deserve it!

  3. Congratulations, this is very cool. I sympathise with your issues with labels, but I agree with the above: wear this recognition with pride.

  4. I was once assumed to be the “Lesbian” third in a show titled “Lesbian, Gay, and Transgendered Voices in Comics,” and while I don’t object to the term, I figured if the show was attempting to describe us 3 cartoonists as three discreet identities, I maybe should ask for something that was a better fit. I asked if the name could be changed to “Queer Voices in Comics,” with success! Since the name change went over without debate, I think the queer label fit us all better anyway…Not the same situation for you (so proud you are being recognized as a force to be reckoned with!)– but as curators, organizers, journalists, etc., it’s always good to ask your artists/subjects/employees/etc, what labels they prefer (if any), just like you’d ask them what pronoun/s they prefer (if any).

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