Event: Chicago fundraiser for transgender health care, zine call for submissions

Joe Erbentraut over at Huffington Post Chicago alerted me of an upcoming fundraiser benefiting Chicago Women’s Health Center Trans Greater Access Project (TGAP)*.

To celebrate the early blooming springtime and the ongoing blooming of trans folks, Subject to Change will host Bloom & Boom at The Burlington in Logan Square on April 4. The event will begin at 9 p.m. with DJ sets from Josie Bush, Miss Summer Clearance and Panakin Skywalker. There will be a $5 suggested donation at the door, but no one will be turned away. Zines will also be available for an additional pay-what-you-can donation.

Subject to Change is seeking submissions for the companion zine from folks who have used the TGAP program, as well as folks who have trans health and affirming related work to share. We accept all varieties of printable work including prose, essays, photography, drawings, comics and poetry. Please submit your work to subjecttochangezine@gmail.com no later than April 1.

*A note on TGAP: The program currently offers masculinizing hormone therapy and transgender and genderqueer affirming gynecological services, but does not offer feminizing hormone therapy or prostate exams for transgender women or transfeminine people. While the services CWHC currently offers are great and necessary (and the website states there is a program in the works for feminizing hormone services) an organization that bills itself as a women’s health center, needs to do a better job at meeting the health needs of all women.


6 thoughts on “Event: Chicago fundraiser for transgender health care, zine call for submissions

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  2. “a program promoting trans-affirming health care for everyone on the transgender spectrum.”

    Unfortunately, that’s not true. They don’t offer hormone services to trans women / transfeminine folks like they do for trans men / transmasculine folks. Neither do they offer prostate exams like they do for trans gynecology.

    I realize this is changing with a pilot program that will drop sometime soon for transfeminine folk. But seriously and WTF were folks thinking when they prioritized trans men over trans women? ..and at a women’s health center?

    • I thought CWHC offered hormones to trans women and trans feminine folks, which is one of the reasons I was so excited about and supportive of CWHC, but on a closer look, the website says:

      “We currently serve clients through:

      “Feminizing Hormone Therapy. We are creating a program for clients who wish to begin or continue feminizing hormone therapy. As we develop this program, please call for more information.”

      This is kind of confusing and misleading. How long has the program been in development, and why wasn’t there a program already?

      While CWHC does provide awesome services for cisgender women, trans men and trans masculine folks, it does bill itself as a women’s health clinic. And by providing hormone and gynecological services for transgender men, but not providing corresponding services for transgender women, it seems as if CWHC is more focused on serving people with vaginas (and that, to some extent, equates woman and vagina, which is problematic).

      So, I’ll edit the post accordingly. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

      • Oh jeez oh golly it sure is misleading and I don’t know why they haven’t wanted to fix that even after my conversation with the program director or TGAP.

        The reasons they started with testosterone are bullshit dealing with things I’m trying to uncover. I’ll post more on the matter on my blog.

        Personally, I’m super pissed off. And I’m pissed that the organizers who I’ve talked to aren’t standing in solidarity with trans women. I’m pissed that trans health means transmasculine health. I’m pissed that trans women are once again excluded from cis women’s health.

        I’m struggling what to do and how to call this bullshit out.

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