tello Films to produce homeless lesbian teen web series

Photo: tello Films logo. Orange TV with rabbit ears with "tello" written on the screen. Photo source: Google Images, tellofilms.comChicago-based production company tello Films has a new web series in the works about a group of homeless lesbian youth.

Chrisitn Mell, cofounder of the site, had been toying with the idea of a drama focusing on homeless teen lesbians for about three years. Mell brought her idea to  Jessica King and Julie Keck, who did additional research with a friend working with homeless youth in San Francisco. King and Keck then wrote the screenplay, bringing the characters and situations of The Throwaways to life. This is the second time Mell, King and Keck have collaborated on a script; they went through a similar process with their successful web series I Hate Tommy Finch.

When the ladies over at tello Films invited me to a casting for their latest web series, I enthusiastically obliged. I had never been to anything like it before, and I was excited to step behind the scenes of a lesbian film production.

The casting call brought a diversity of actresses to the set, with a broad range of sexualities, races, ethnicities, gender expressions, talents and experience, which I was very pleasantly surprised by. And during deliberations, they asked me to weigh on in the auditions.

While the entire cast hasn’t been revealed, contributors Bridget McManus, a star in many of tello Films other productions, and Mia Jones will  have a role in The Throwaways. Filming begins next month in Chicago, including scenes to be shot in front of the Center on Halsted, where many of Chicago’s LGBT homeless youth access services.

And tello is truly devoted to creating lesbian media—80 percent of the profits go back to the people who provide the content, so they can continue to make lesbian films.


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