Queeries: Audio interview with Kiam Marcelo Junio on queer community, Filipina identity and performance art

Photo: Headshot Kiam Marcelo Junio Photo Source: Google Images, IAMKIAM PhotographyMultidisciplinary artist Kiam Marcelo Junio welcomed Joe Varisco of JRV MAJESTY Productions and Chicago IRL magazine into his Pilson home for a conversation on performance work, queer spaces, intersectional identities and Junio’s military experiences, among other topics.

“I feel like to really make a change or effect something [queer life] needs to be visible on a large scale because we know that this is important,” said Junio. “We know that intersectionality is reality. That people are coming from so many different backgrounds and that these need to be respected and that is not reflected in the larger society that continues to put us in boxes. I think to break down these boxes we also need to come out of our own.”

Junio works in photography, video, printmaking, installation, burlesque, dance and performance art. His research and art work centers around queer identities, racial and gender studies, the Filipino diaspora, post-colonialist Asian American tropes and stereotypes, international camp and drag culture, and military and civilian power dynamics.

During the interview, Junio provides layers of insight into the development of character Jerry Blossom and series “At Your Service” and “Model Minority” as discourse on sexuality, gender and class as a Filipina woman.

The full interview is available for streaming below or for download on SoundCloud’s website.

Also check out Varisco’s previous interview with Jacqueline BoydQueer Choir director and fellow fierce fat femme.

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