Anti-violence and survivor

Anti police brutality palm card

Anti-war leaflet

Apna Ghar Inc.

Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization

Break The Silence: How to Put Together Your Own Radical Consent Workshop

Center on Halsted Anti-violence Project


Chicago Women’s Health Center

Community United Against Violence

Domestic violence in lesbian, gay and bisexual relationships

Domestic violence in the LGBT community fact sheet

Ending abuse in lesbian, bisexual women’s and transgender communities

Fast facts about violence against transgender people

Fenway Health Violence Recovery Program

FORGE Forward

Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project

Gender-neutral body map

Giving Name to the Nameless: Using Poetry as an Anti-Violence Intervention with Girls

Helping transgender clients navigate sex-segregated social services

Howard Brown Health Center Violence Recovery Project

INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence

INCITE! toolkit to stop law enforcement violence against women of color and trans people of color

Learning good consent

Lesbian partner violence fact sheet

LGBT detainees chief targets for sexual abuse in detention

LGBT elder abuse and neglect issues

Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center domestic abuse services

Male survivors resource sheet

National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs LGBT services

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence LGBT resources

Navigating TSA policies for transgender people and sexual assault survivors

New York Anti-Violence Project

Organizing around domestic and sexual violence

Providers of trans survivors

PTSD resources for survivors and caregivers

Purportedly gendered body parts

Rape Culture 101

Resisting war and militarism

Safer Sex and Relationships zine

Something is Wrong: Exploring the Roots of Youth Violence

South Asian Women’s Empowerment & Resource Alliance

Stop Law Enforcement Violence against Women of Color

Stop Police Brutality

Stop Prisoner Rape

Survivors in Solidarity with Prison Abolition

Tips for caregivers of transgender clients

Tips for trans inclusion: a guide for service providers

Tips for working with transgender survivors of sexual violence

Trans/SOFFA survivor resources

University of Cincinnati Reclaim — sexual assault and domestic violence services

Violence and intersectionality

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7 thoughts on “Anti-violence and survivor

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